The Druid

26. ledna 2014 v 14:10 | Nerisa |  Texty písní
She was a druid.
She loved the wood.
She danced in moonlight.
She understood.
One day she met
a man upset.
She felt strong mercy
so she couldn´t forget.
He wasn´t good.
He wasn´t fair.
Oh how he could
imprison her.
He cut her wings
he stole her joy
The two gold rings
made her his toy.
She missed the wood
since she wasn´t druid.
She sat in prison of stones
she suffered.
One day she tried
jump into tide.
Her chains pull her down.
She lost her pride.
She wasn´t good.
She wasn´t fair.
Oh how much
he missed her.
She broke his heart
so he just cried.
He played his part
without his bride.

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